13 Nov

Wow it's been 3 months since I last blogged ! It's amazing how much time is taken up running a wool shop ! I had a feeling this might happen when I started blogging back in March during the first lock down, now we are locked down again I find myself with a little more time on my hands so I'm going to make the most of it !

The shops been super busy with everyone stocking up on their crafting supplies and we have had lots of gorgeous, squishy new yarns in, I'm getting to the point of needing to visit Ikea to get a new shelving unit !! 

We are only 1 week into the second lock down and I'm already missing the sound of the shop door bell and chatting to all our customers. Click and collect is operating as last time and its so nice to have a quick catch up and see a familiar face (well half of one cause the other half is masked up!) but its not the same. fingers crossed we'll be given the go ahead to re-open the beginning of December.

I won't waffle on too much today about the shop, I really wanted to tell you all about my new patterns.

I wrote my Autumn Decorations Pattern's with the intention of them going into our 'workshop in a box' kits, but the patterns were so big that the cost of the printing for each kit would have been ridiculous, so I launched my very first downloadable PDF pattern. 

Now I'm running through my Christmas ideas, I love Christmas so as you can imagine I have lots and lots of ideas!

I'm currently writing up my gingerbread Christmas decorations, I still haven't decided whether this will be a PDF or kit form, it really depends how big the pattern ends up ! 

My 'Mousetivity' pattern was released just a few weeks ago and has been really popular !  I've always wanted to make a nativity and last year I was hunting around to try and find a crochet nativity with mice and couldn't find one anywhere, so I decided (now I have more time!) to write my own. I have really enjoyed every second of making this little scene, my other half was so impressed he even made me a stable !

As much as I love the pattern writing, I must also work on the boring, tedious stuff like the website !! I'll be adding more products next week and hopefully get it functioning for orders. For now if you could just use it for browsing and email me or message me through Facebook for any orders.

We must all look out the positives we've found during 2020 and one thing I've found is more time....... time to work on things I really enjoy, sharing my love of all things woolly and writing up my patterns . Whats even better is when I see all my lovely customers creations from MY patterns !! It really is uplifting, if any of you have ideas lurking away in the old grey matter give it and go, what have you got to loose? Its the best therapy ever !

Stay safe my lovelies and keep crafting xxxx

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