30 May

Wow, what a week ! 

Bank Holiday Monday and our internet decides to go down,  just as I'm getting into putting patterns together and working on the website and as usual my daughter Alice's deadline is fast approaching for her uni assignments! I managed to get the technician booked in for Wednesday and then what happens ?? Alice's laptop decides its going to keep turning off !! Everything always seems to go wrong when there's a deadline, or do we just seem to alway's have lots of deadline's ? Maybe someone's telling us to slow down.  Anyway we are all sorted now so we can all crack on !

I had my lockdown birthday on Tuesday, it was a beautiful day. I was pleased to have quite a few friends pop round for a social distance chat and we had a beautiful walk over our local country park. I'm so lucky to be able to walk to the end of my road and to be greeted to views like this.

It was lovely to get out in the sunshine and take my mind off work for a while.

 But of course with me my lovely woolly world is never off my mind for long !

On Wednesday the lovely man from Virgin came and fixed our internet , he even tidied up all our messy wires for us on the outside of our house, bless him . Alice managed to get her laptop fixed too (phew) so no more excuses for either of us !! 

Back to the planning of our new patterns and Kits for me and back to the assignments for Alice !

The last few days of the week were all about  getting through the back log of customer orders,  arranging their collections or deliveries and sorting out new stock. It's always lovely to get up to the shop and meet our lovely customers "round the back" and have a little safe distance catch up.

I'm putting our opening 'plan of action' into place now, and counting down the days till we can re-open. I'm just so thankful for social media.... without it would have been a real struggle to keep in touch with my woolly family.

I'll tootle off now and crack on with some early morning hooking.

Stay safe everyone and I'll catch up with you soon xx

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