03 Aug

Hi everyone, 

I hope your all feeling well and enjoying the comeback of our English summer!

It's been a busy few weeks again in the shop, I'm so glad I decided to remain closed for now on a Monday as this gives me chance to catch up with a mound of admin and work on new "work shop in a box" designs (which I have to say, I'm really enjoying) .

Last month we saw the launch of our Vintage Bunting crochet kit, which has been really popular, phew), the feedback I'm getting back from customers who have purchased this kit is amazing and really touching. I just cant wait to launch our next kit, the list of projects I have lined up for them is becoming so long and my supply of boxes is getting so short !! (That reminds me I must order more boxes later today !) 

I'm so excited to release our next kit "The Positivity shawl" (perfectly named by one of my hooker friends) fingers crossed it will be ready to go by the end of this week. This is perfect for moving on with your crochet and you'll create a beautiful lacy shawl (I like to wear mine like a scarf!), they are such a dream to make up I can guarantee once you make one you'll make more !

As you may have noticed if you follow me on Facebook I've been a little excited over a new range of 100% recycled yarns we've taken on. Oh My Days they are amazing !! 

We have 100% recycled t-shirt yarns that comes in lots of different shades and a 100% recycled cotton yarn - chainy cotton and chainy cotton cakes. You can find lots of patterns and inspiration over at https://www.jamescbrett.co.uk/.  

I seem to have had a month of playing catch up and re-planning to fit around our new way of life !

At the start of the year I started a 2020 mystery CAL (crochet along) the plan was each month i would release a new part of the pattern and teach new techniques and stitches in several workshops held in the shop, it started off well - then we had lockdown!! 

 I've had to spend the last few weeks completely redesigning the last few part's as I had made it far too tricky to teach virtually. I'm happy to say it's all done now and I am back on track. I can't wait to see everyone's finished blankets. As I've put so much work into it I'm thinking of running this again next year, so if you fancy it give me a shout.

Anyway I'd better tootle off, I have a video tutorial to shoot and I must get it done while everyone's still sleeping (they are a noisy lot my lot!) talking of tutorials, I am planning on popping a free tutorial section on our website - so watch this space !

Stay safe my lovelies and I'll catch you soon xxx

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